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Get to know us in only six Q&A’s.

What makes Studaro so unique?

Jelle: Our focus. We don’t handle student vacancies for dishwashers or blue collars. We target ambitious bachelor and master students who want a job in line with what they’ve studied for all those years.

Can I hire the students as soon as they graduate?

Jelle: Yes. Even more, it is one of the reasons why clients choose for Studaro. You get to know the candidate in a very profound way. And we make arrangements on how you can hire the candidate afterwards.

Are we talking about summer jobs or jobs during the academic year?

Jelle: We do both. But most of our projects are part time student jobs during the academic year. A student then works for 1 or 2 days for several months or even the whole year.

What fields do you focus on?

Jelle: In general, all highly educated students. Though we see that IT, data science, engineering, sales and digital marketing are extremely popular right now. However, we also have projects in finance, HR and business development.

Is Studaro an interim agency?

Jelle: We are not an interim agency but the flexibility is exactly the same.

Are these jobs full time?

Jelle: Full time jobs during the academic year are rather rare. Most students work for 1 to 3 days per week. A lot of our clients have “student teams” who work together and ‘as a team’ perform a full time job.

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About Jelle:

Jelle is founder at Studaro, a recruitment agency focusing on students and young professionals. It is his mission to help the new generation succeed in life. As an all-time optimist, he believes in students and young professionals as growth accelerators for great companies.

Holding a degree in SME-management and some international experience, he started Studaro in 2017.

Studaro’s mission is to ignite the potential of young talent and provide them the opportunity to make their professional dreams come true.