Tackle engineering recruitment process and save money!

Save thousands of euros through the end of 2023: tackle engineering recruitment process.

In today’s economy, it is no surprise that the cost of hiring skilled engineers has skyrocketed. Companies face stiff competition for a limited pool of qualified candidates, and the cost of recruiting and retaining these professionals can be prohibitive. However, an innovative solution exists that can help companies save money while still having access to top engineering talent: partner with Studaro and hire highly skilled students in their final stages of study.

The cost of hiring engineers in 2023

Demand for engineering talent continues to exceed supply, leading to higher salaries and benefits for those with in-demand skills. According to a survey by the Belgian employers’ federation, Agoria, the average cost to hire an engineer in Belgium in 2021 was €73,000 per year, including salary, social security contributions and other labor costs. This cost is expected to rise in 2023 due to increasing competition for talent and a shortage of qualified engineers on the market.

In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Belgium struggle to recruit highly skilled engineers due to their limited resources and competition from larger companies. This has led to a situation where many SMEs are unable to hire the talent they need to grow and remain competitive.

In addition, the cost of recruitment and retention can be significant. Employers must invest in marketing, job ads and other recruiting efforts to attract qualified candidates, and even then there is no guarantee that a candidate will accept the position or stay with the company for an extended period of time. Retention efforts, such as salary increases and bonuses, can also add up quickly, further increasing the cost of recruiting and retaining engineering talent.

Studaro’s innovative solution

Studaro offers an innovative alternative to traditional recruitment methods for SMEs in Belgium. By partnering with Studaro, SMEs can hire highly skilled students who are excited to start their careers while still in the final stages of their studies. This approach offers several advantages for companies, such as significant cost savings without having to compromise on quality. Studaro offers these students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through workshops and bootcamps, allowing them to develop their skills after classes while providing companies with a cost-effective way to attract top engineering talent.

Working together has several benefits such as:

1) Saving money on recruitment and retention costs because Studaro offers a unique and innovative way of working that is cost-effective, fiscally advantageous, no cure no pay and has proven for years to catch on and create a positive impact for engineering companies

2) Help gain fresh perspectives and new ideas. Highly educated students are open to new and innovative ideas so adapt tremendously easily but also bring a new wind to the company themselves, which helps to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.

3) Provide a guide in supporting the development of the next generation of engineers. By providing hands-on experience and mentorship to highly educated students, we are training tomorrow’s current students and managers to become the future leaders of the field. Playing a role in this as our partner launches brand awareness within the student generation and creates a top of mind brand among budding engineers facing the difficult choice of choosing from hundreds of competitive companies.