1. General

This cookie policy applies to the use of cookies on the website https://studaro.com and https://studaro.be (hereinafter the ‘Website’) of STUDARO BVBA, with registered office at Port Arthurlaan 11, 9000 Ghent.

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Contact e-mail: info@studaro.com

Studaro BVBA is responsible for the processing of your (personal) data that it obtains when you visit the Website (e.g. your IP address).

2. Definition

Cookies are small data files that your browser places on your computer or device. They contain information such as language preferences. This means that you do not have to enter your language choice each time you visit or re-enter the same website. Some cookies enable your browser to display certain images correctly, as well as certain applications to function correctly. The cookies themselves cannot collect information that is stored on your computer or in your files.

How do you disable cookies? If you wish to block cookies, you can do so for the browser you are using.

If you choose to disable the use of cookies, certain images may not be displayed or may not be displayed in full. Certain applications may also not function correctly.

3. Used cookies

Cookies for browser functionality or user-friendliness Cookies for browser functionality or user-friendliness
Keypad-friendly cookies They make automatic text proposals (identification, address, passwords, …)
Statistical or analytical cookies They collect information about the use of the website to improve its operation.
Cookies origin of the visit The website administrator can know the origin of the visit (e.g. search on search engine).
Visit and follow-up cookieThey allow to follow the surfing route on the website.
Tracking cookies They are used by third parties to check the browsing behaviour of the internet user. This information allows advertisers to adjust their advertising based on the habits of the Internet user.
Advertising cookies Advertisements by banners can also store cookies. They also contain information about the user’s browsing behaviour and aim to offer him advertising that falls within their area of interest.
Reference cookies Third parties providing additional services (e.g. the social networking icons on an online shopping site, provide those social networks access to the list of purchases from the Internet user by using the reference cookies).
Multimedia carrier cookiesThey make multimedia easier to play.
Content sharing cookiesSocial networks offer buttons for content sharing.

4. Other cookies

We do not always have a view on cookies that are placed on our website by third parties. This applies especially in cases where our website contains so-called embedded elements: texts, documents, images or short films that are stored by third parties, but are displayed on or via our website.

If you find any cookies on this website that are not listed above, please let us know. Or contact the relevant third party directly to inquire about the cookies they place, their reason for doing so, the lifetime of the cookies, and how your privacy is guaranteed.

We reserve the right to change and/or supplement this policy in order to meet the requirements of domestic legislation. Please check this document from time to time to take note of any changes and additions.