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What does Studaro do?

Forget everything you think you know about students or student jobs, because at Studaro, we’ve innovated something new: study-related student jobs that bridge the gap between ambitious students and growing companies. Did you know one in three students wants to do something more meaningful with their free time? And that nearly 40% of companies don’t know how to effectively reach or attract this new generation? Ding ding ding! That’s where we come in.

We create meaningful connections between these two groups through student consultancy (a.k.a. study-related student jobs) and we're rapidly growing.


IT & Software

Back-end development

Data science

AI, Machine learning & IoT



5 day(s) per week


Position overview:

Join the Innovation Front at Studaro! As our Data Engineer, you will be a trailblazer in the digital world. You’ll play a pivotal role in sculpting the future of Studaro’s revolutionary data platform, transforming how data is harnessed. Think of yourself as a digital artist, where data is your canvas, and your innovations drive our product’s evolution.

Key responsibilities:

  • Be a Data Architect: Craft and refine our data infrastructure (think pipelines, ETL processes, data models) like you’re playing a strategy game where efficiency wins.
  • Scale new heights: Implement scalable solutions that aren't just robust but are also as dynamic as the web itself, supporting vast data storage, processing, and retrieval.
  • Team play: Work in sync with external stakeholders ensuring data integrity is as flawless as your favorite playlist.
  • Insight hunter: Build data integration workflows that turn numbers into narratives, providing insights as powerful as a good morning coffee.
  • Decision influencer: Engage with our teams to drive decisions that aren’t just data-driven, but are also as insightful as your favorite Ted Talk.
  • Best practices guru: Elevate our data management, ensuring quality and governance are top-tier.
  • Privacy champion: Be the hero in ensuring our data’s privacy and security, keeping it as safe as your personal online profiles.


Your toolkit:

  • 3+ years in the Game: Show us your journey in data engineering, where you’ve turned data chaos into scalable solutions.
  • Tech fluent: TypeScript, PostgreSQL and Python aren’t just languages for you; they’re your tools of trade.
  • Tech toolkit: You're familiar with the nuts and bolts of data integration and ETL processes (like DBT, AWS Glue).
  • Communication pro: Your communication skills are as strong as your code; clear, concise, compelling.
  • Problem solver: You love a good challenge as much as you love solving it.
  • Privacy savvy: You know the ins and outs of data privacy and security laws like GDPR.
  • Cloud connoisseur: You’re comfortable navigating the cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), like it’s your second home.

Bonus points:

  • Extra knowhow: Knowledge about Docker & Kubernetes.
  • Lifecycle leader: From project planning to deployment, you’re guiding the journey like a seasoned tour guide.
  • Backend boss: API design and backend services? You’re the master.
  • Stats fanatic: Got a knack for statistics or data science? Perfect!
  • Builder’s spirit: Experience in building data products? Show us what you’ve built!
  • CI/CD, Cloud Deployment: If these are your playgrounds, you’ll fit right in.
  • Data modeling master: You’re a wizard at data modeling and database design principles.

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