Looking for young wolves?

Finding the right talent in a competitive job market is hard. We’re here to help you navigate Gen Z’s talent pool with success and build long lasting work relationships, so you can drive your business forward.

On a mission

Top-notch talent

We focus on presenting you with high-quality, motivated students. With our training programs, they are equipped to make a real impact.

Cost effective

We’re not a) average b) pricey or c) a recruitment agency. We work with daily fixed rates that allow you to find top-notch talent.

Long lasting

We’re building sustainable relationships. Your Studarian is considered a part-time employee all year round. Not only during the holidays!

No cure no pay

If we can’t offer a good solution to your needs, you won’t be charged a single penny. That’s how stellarly confident we are.


Become top of mind! Engage with the next generation of professionals and build a strong pipeline of young talent entering your company.

Reach Gen Z

Tap into a pool of over 12,000 Studarians and soon-to-be graduates, who are ready to bring their skills to your company for 2-5 days a week.

How we howl


A smooth start

We take care of the paperwork and ensure a smooth onboarding, while you focus on what’s really important: growing together with your new Studarian(s)!

Take the leap

Let’s connect and find out what your needs in the workspace are. Tap into a pool of over 15,000 Studarians ready to take your business to the next level!


We do the matching

Our experienced team takes care of the entire screening process. We ensure high-quality matches so you can drive your business forward.

Find a spark

In depth expertise allows us to pick out the perfect candidate for you. But… to ensure there is a spark and a mutual fit, we set you up for a final interview with our Studarians.


Your partner in the hunt for talent

Our mission is to bridge the gap between ambitious companies and skilled students in their last stage of higher education. Let’s ignite the potential of young talents together and help them make their professional dreams come true.

Meet the founder

Jelle Van Impe
Challenge the student status quo.

Studaro’s outspoken and bold ambition? To change the student landscape in Belgium and far beyond. How? By recognizing students – both Belgian and internationals – as valuable and competent contributors in the workplace, not as part-time hires doing routine tasks.

Insanity is tapping the same talent pools over & over again, expecting different results.